We are the premier coaching platform for small to medium business looking to expand into selling to the United States Government. Our experience has been gained in-house by starting and growing a global firm, exclusively servicing US Government clients. As such, our advice, guidance and support isn’t based on theory or the latest contracting literature, but on hard earned experience in the arena of international government contracting. We want to share our successes so you can replicate and share our missteps so you can avoid.

The US Government (USG) spends Billions (USD) annually on procurement. Many of the supplies or services procured are for international locations in support of US policy and operations overseas. Some of these requirements are offered exclusively to US firms for either security or political reasons. Many however are open to companies from all countries. In our experience, the USG likes to engage and support local populations by hiring local firms whenever possible. That said though, the local firm still needs to meet all functional requirements of a solicitation or Request for Proposal (RFP). These requirements are often substantial and always time consuming.

We have been very successful winning and executing on multiple types of contracts for the USG, including some specific expertises below:

  • Multiple Award Task Order Contracts (MATOCs), $15-50M+
  • Single Award Task Order Contracts (SATOCs), $15-50M+
  • Job Order Contracts (JOCs), $15M+
  • Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) Contracts, $200M+
  • Firm Fixed Price Contracts, $500k – $200M
  • Blanket Purchase Agreements

Our focus is to work with small local businesses, those businesses with a unique advantage and value to offer. In so many cases the USG spends 3-10 times the local cost of materials or supplies because only international firms qualified on the opportunity. In many of these cases the local firms are either cut out of the proceeds from the USG global projects, or they are relegated to subcontractor status and oftentimes mistreated.

We want to work with leading firms around the world to help you win prime (leading and most lucrative) contracts with the US Government. This allows your firm to prosper and country to further develop, while also saving the US Government significant money compared to hiring a globally dominating firm for requirements that you can best perform.

Let us help you beat out the foreign competition and keep the benefit of the global contracting locally!