Is the US Government spending money in your geographic area or in your business speciality? Would you like to participate in such potentially lucrative contracts? Are you NOT pursuing such opportunities due to your lack of experience, limited resources, or complex regulations and requirements? If any one of these answers is “Yes”, maybe we can help.

We take a customized approach to each client’s needs. Typically our services include filling whatever gaps in experience a contractor may have regarding their goal of securing a US Government contract. Typical services include, but are not limited by the following:

  • Business strategy – Define goal and how to get there
  • Acquisition planning – Target a specific opportunity for the best result
  • Proposals development – Build out most qualified and highly rated bid
  • Capture management – Ensure best chances of contract award and successful start-up
  • Program management support – Support throughout contract execution

We aim to use all your existing strengths and only add our services where needed. You’ve gotten to where you are by your team’s effort and we will maximize their competencies in all we do for you. For any weaknesses however, we can supplement with additional resources, and/or capacity building of current resources.